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October 6, 2012
By TaneikaW. SILVER, Joliet, Illinois
TaneikaW. SILVER, Joliet, Illinois
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Trust, what does it mean?
Can you place it on a lab table and dissect it?
Are you able to unveil new possibilities;
To bring different understanding?
What is trust?
Explain it to me.
Is it a thrill, like falling and knowing,
Believing that someone will catch you?
Or, is it silent, a simple look lets you know that you have gained someone’s trust.
Do you feel it? The trust.
It’s there; just floating, waiting to connect a bond between two individuals.
Maybe you and a perfect stranger;
Someone you meet on the subway;
Someone whom the words “ you can trust me” are splattered across their foreheads.
Is trust a beautiful thing?
Is it worth waiting for?
Should I gain your trust?
Should you gain mine?
Yes? But what if trust isn’t a good thing?
What if it’s simply a trap, a mind game simply there to entangle you deep into something you can’t get out of?
Strangling you, forcing you to swallow every false hope that trails behind this alleged trust.
But maybe not, maybe that’s just a figment of my imagination.
Maybe this is just how I would hope trust to be, to misconstrue the real image of trust, to hide behind lies.
But there is comfort in truth, as in trust. Because trust, is like sitting a cloud, confident that you won’t fall through.
It’s like caressing a butterfly’s wings, sure that not a single scale will fall.
It’s like your heart, beating a thousand times a minute, pounding, racing, jumping to burst out of your chest.
You’re soaring, high on this adrenaline rush, this supreme bout of happiness. You know, deep down, that trust will keep you safe. So, close your eyes and fall.
I will catch you.
You trust me, don’t you?

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