Where I Am From

October 6, 2012
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I am from a trusting, loving family, where academics and love come first…ALWAYS!
Hunter in my clothes, me in his, I am from those nights surprising my parents with the opposite clothes, and then running upstairs-giggling the entire time.
I am from those late nights cuddling up to my dad on the couch as we watch his favorite TV show.
I am from mosquitoes in the air and a black sky as the “cops” chase after us “robbers”.
Flames bursting into the midnight sky as the Doherty’s and my family roast marshmallows around the pit.
I am from a sunny day and wet sand, the sound of the ocean surrounding me.
Doing the pretzel when the perfect song comes on and twisting and turning away with “the Gang”.
“Haki Shimi” with my head in the closet, hole in the wall is where I am from.
I am from Coach Kevin. I am from teamwork and leadership. I am from Blue Fire.
I am from always traveling, discovering, and adventuring with my family by my side.
My mom rating only the best food she eats with “Ono” being the Hawaiian that I am is where I am from.
I am from contests against my parents on who makes the best omelets or ice cream sundaes… winning every time!
Looking up to and admiring who I always have and always will praise, Hunter is where I am from.

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