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October 6, 2012
By johxnna BRONZE, Godfrey, Illinois
johxnna BRONZE, Godfrey, Illinois
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I felt claustrophobic underneath the comforter
But when I freed myself, goose bumps ran up my legs
You had insisted on having the fan on
Despite the rain and nearly freezing air outside
I laid there in the dark and tried to forget the goose bumps
And I tried to forget the rain and tried to forget you
But there you were next to me, sleeping
Your breathing was easy and slow and smooth
And I watched you and I cried cried cried
And I watched you as you slept slept slept
I was crying and you were sleeping, breathing
Easy and slow and smooth
Easy and slow and smooth
And with every exhale I wished you would wake up
But you never did and so I turned on the TV
I watched infomercials until the early morning
And I held your hand while you slept
And I held your hand while I cried
I could write a poem about this, I thought
I could write a poem

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last night

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