LBGT and Perfect

October 10, 2012
By Anonymous


Most would say they are beautiful things.

And they are.

Unless they flow from their bitter mouths.

A father, a mother,
A teacher, a preacher,
A sister, a brother,

Unnatural and evil
Different, Ill
A disease.

Is that what those people say? Is that what I am? Unnatural? Evil?

I shouldn't be this way?

I am a sin?

You hate me?
We've never spoken.

You want to fix me?
You're my father.

I am unnatural?
I shouldn't be alive?
I am something broken, something to be fixed?

The worst thing you can do

Is agree

You are unique, not unnatural.
You are a gift, not a sin.
You are perfect the way the way you are.

you are NOT a sin.

Listen to my words.
Not theirs.

I promise
It will get better.

But who will save us now?

The author's comments:
I read a article about a teacher that verbally harassed a lesbian student.

I cried and paced for hours.

I have amazing parents who would never say the things I've heard said to the LGBT community at school. However, not all kids are so lucky. So I wanted to tell them that what they are isn't some disease. It's a small thing, but I want to be there for them. Every single one.

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