Denied the right to love.

October 10, 2012
By xRikaHitorix BRONZE, GrandRapids, Michigan
xRikaHitorix BRONZE, GrandRapids, Michigan
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"Living is the hard part...its dying that is easy.."

Ode.. To the people whom adore ones same sex...I do not disagree...I agree with you, the will and the sheer feelings that one feels shouldn't be denied. Through thick and thin you will defend your rights, but...Does the world... defend them as well? My answer... No~...What they find odd, out of place or queer may be alright with you, me or anyone else..Why should that stop you?... No one knows... ~

"Land.. Of the Free..."

~ I remember this quote like it was yesterday.. To be honest...I don't feel free..Our laws are fine and dandy.. But... to be "Gay" or "Lesbian" Shouldn't be viewed as a bad omen.. The human mind wanders... Simply as it is...Everyone thinks about least once in their lives.My question... To some who think these questions...who fear the worse that will come from their parents..Or someone close to them..~

Would you..Hate me If I was a male, whom loved other males?... Would you hate me If I was a female, whom loved other females?..Would you throw the book at me..would you preach?, would you disown me? would you pretend that I don't Exist.. Or...Would you still love me..But from a distance?

~I've thought it... And..I was nervous to explain to my mother... When I did...she gave me a look of dishonor.. A look that I will never forget... It burned into my memory. I remember telling my older brother..Whom I look up to... and..He cried... Ill never forget his face.. I wish i could...but i cant.When I told my father...He almost crashed the car and kill us both... Honestly...I felt.. as if..he didn't love me... I felt as if.. none of them..wanted me anymore.. That Night..I cried... I felt as though..God wouldn't help me...I prayed... funny...I prayed..I don't do that often..but that night..i felt like i should... After I did.. I felt like even he/she/it/Or whatnot Didn't care..~

Truth is... When it become reality...Im what others might think..Do, say, or believe... I just play It off like i don't care... When I do that..Im lying.. But...Does it matter? If im a Guy liking another guy or a girl liking another girl? It shouldn't...

~ Sticks..and Stones..may break,my bones..But.. Words hurt like knives... Listen to this world.. ~If you don't Like the Lifestyle of being"Gay" or "Lesbian" Don't pay attention to it... Just keep on going.. It shouldn't concern you if it doesn't Involve you... Mind your own Damn business, and Let the ones whom choose this lifestyle be happy.~

The author's comments:
Seeing as how I am concerned with how others are treated within this world, for loving or "Liking"
One anothers same sex, is forbidden...Love is doesnt why should we?

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