My Orange Sun

October 7, 2012
By drewnowater PLATINUM, Danville, Kentucky
drewnowater PLATINUM, Danville, Kentucky
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Some days I sit out on my roof and stare at the sun
The orange sun, as it rises from the farthest line
I can see. After a long night, it’s all I know I can do
Because the sun always comes up
Even when I wish it would stay dark,
It always wakes me up, and the moon always falls
until I search for it when I get back home
In the evening.
Some nights I lay in my bed with the lamp off,
thinking, not able to sleep, I know the sun is never far away
I think about me and you and time
And how it’s running out
And how I wish it wouldn’t but how I wish we could just
Make the most of it, now
Oh, how I wish I could put music to these words
For you, even if I know only the sun will hear
Because strings of lines together aren’t anything
Unless there’s a song.
I pull out the paper with words meant just for you
Open the window and sit on my roof
Sing out to the sun like a coyote
Oh, the orange sun, how it always hears me.

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