Keeping Hope

October 7, 2012
By Elia Hernandez BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
Elia Hernandez BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
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Always busy, never not
A hustle and bustle if we can
Never a worry in one thought
We are Japan

Oh the plans I have dreamed
For your large island city
Like a snap of a beam
You’ll be gone in a jiffy

I rumble and grumble and now I must wait
As quiet as can be
Can you guess your own fate?

My wrath was unleashed
One unexpected March day
None of you were ready
What more can I say?

The damage was immense
Your nuclear plants are shredding
The world is all tense
With the radiation spreading

With lives lost
And homes destroyed
Nothing can pay the cost
Of what our hearts couldn’t avoid

But through all of our sadness
Our sorrow, our tears
There is still some goodness
That will remain throughout our years

For there is still joy
Laughter and smiles
Kind words and kind faces
That will stretch across miles

We shall keep our love
We will and we can
For we are the strong and brave
We are Japan

The author's comments:
In March of 2011, one of the top five largest earthquakes to ever hit the world, struck the large island nation of Japan. It caused massive destruction not only for this country, but for the world as a whole. When I heard of this, I really felt for the people who were most affected. I wanted to write a poem that let everybody know that even though something so tragic happened, there is still hope.

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