Detest the rest

October 7, 2012
By Leafcrunchingdinosaur BRONZE, Springfield, Pennsylvania
Leafcrunchingdinosaur BRONZE, Springfield, Pennsylvania
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"If you're going through Hell, keep going."- Winston Churchill

The black cloud of sickness
this plague that’s inside
It digs deeper every time
As it tries to rot my mind
I fight back sharp
as though I am a thousand knives
Listen to music
as I drift into slumber
Not prepared for what I hear
A sad smile works its way
onto my bitter lips
Never able to give you a taste
Fully able is what I am
Drift away, off into my dreams
Ignore the lyrics
don’t listen to the song
Her voice brings back
So many tasteful memories
Don’t feel sick, that is all just fear
Be okay
take a breath
Think of something
that will make you laugh
Shut your eyes, get some sleep
My heavy-lidded eyes try to yield
close them now, get some rest
And don’t be filled with such detest

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