Where did the Hair go

October 5, 2012
By pigtailedprincess SILVER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
pigtailedprincess SILVER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Wishing she had it
Wishing she held it
Wishing it was in her hands

The doctors all told her
That her beauty was within
Didn't stop the longing

Black, Brown
Blonde, Red
The girl would even settle for green

She wanted the sickness to go away
Might just be vanity
But she wanted hair to be back on her head

When she was alone in the sad hospital room
She would stand by the mirror
Take out some markers and draw
Hair of all colors and lengths and all styles

Soon were seen on her head
And the little girl smiled and laughed out loud
But if she wiped the looking glass clean, the poor girl
Her frown would come back

The girl's shining bald head would return
Tie a bandanna
Force a smile,
When your better hair will come

The author's comments:
This is about an image i saw one day

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