Still Learning

October 4, 2012
A sturdy clock carelessly chimes,
in the hallway of defeat.
Pendulum drearily swaying back and forth,
to the beat that the world provides.
To the birds as they take flight and
quicken into a crescendo of harmonic whispers,
flying through sunlight sifting amongst branches.
The nearby shadow of a willow has the haunting resemblance of your figure,
your slumped shoulders,
as you stumbled away exhaustedly.
Dwindling words forgotten in the atmosphere.
You were by no means a waste of thought,
but were no avail to my bliss
You were not beneficial in any aspect,
to the maintenance of my amiable disposition,
but were responsible for the neglect of my invigorating happiness.
As the clock marks its new time,
I am content.

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