October 4, 2012
islandofmydenteddreams BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
Nothing but badly written verses that catapulted me into literary spasms. (Stacyann Chin)

A poem that shakes the nation
A sea of people cheering
Ambition, courage, bravery
Coloured on their faces
I want a poem

Justice, rights, liberty
We should have a say
But they won’t hear us
So we have to pay
Prices because of their own faults
I wasn’t a poem

People like us
Just a crack on the sidewalk
Because they don’t want to listen
So they plug in their billion dollar egos
And watch the raging fire of
Power, and injustice, and pain that they cause
I want a poem

Their coming to get me
I wasn’t a part of their plan
So im force to be pushed of the brick
They come with big, buff, bodyguards
I blow a kiss to the crowd
Tears rolling down the pores of their face,
I smile
because now I have a poem

The author's comments:
My first piece, I hope you like it. :)

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