Jewish Massacre

October 4, 2012
By Anonymous

Innocent civilians lined up on a wall
the Nazis slaughtered them, 11 million in all
Hitler the Fuehrer calling the shots
placing the bodies on soaked red cots

The Nazis uproared and murdered them all
body after body would eventually fall
shot and killed the eye could tell
Nazi weapons would scream like a bloodcurdling yell

Slished and sloshed the blood would sound
all the dead bodies soaked on the ground
gassed and tested the Jews shall be
Jews in the ghettos shall never be free

Dead Jews reaching for Freedom’s string
moaning in blood, an ungodly ring
Nazi Germany clouded with the dead body stench
every Jew hung by the devils lynch

Smoke from incinerators reached miles high
replacing the clouds of the German sky
memories of food filling family’s gullets
were replaced by the hole of a precisely aimed bullet

Pulsating organs about to die
Jewish children shall sorrowly cry
Hitler wearing a devilish grin
Jews shant see the light again

Ligaments twitching, all discombobulated
Jews were staggering, clearly sedated
by the Nazi drugs they have conjured
the Jewish race has slowly been conquered

The Nazis wave their swastika flag
the Jews were killed like a hunted stag
while the Jews were trapped in a ring of fire
the Nazi zombies sang in the devils empire

Whole family trees, torched to ashes
gun shots everywhere, millions of flashes
dozens of bullet holes through David’s star
this will be history’s greatest scar

Mended, this wound will never be
knowledge of the past will be in the hands of the
children of ours, the rulers of earth
will prevent the reoccurrence of this demon’s birth

The author's comments:
I wrote this my freshman year and have been adding on to it ever since, and I think it's a pretty good piece of work.

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