I run.

October 5, 2012
“People who run are crazy”
I run.
Does that mean I’m psychologically damaged?
“People who run like pain”
I run.
Does that make me a masochist?
“Running isn’t a sport”
I run.
Does that mean I’m not an athlete?

I don’t come across crazy,
But I do run,
So in a sense I guess I am crazy.
I don’t enjoy being in pain,
But I do run,
So I guess I am a masochist.
I am an athlete,
And I do run,
So that makes running a sport.

“Running is easy”
I run.
Running is the hardest thing I do.
“Running is stupid.”
I run.
Runners have the highest GPA.
“Running is boring”
I run.
Running is so stress-relieving.

“Why would you want to run?”
I run because I’m crazy.
I run because I can’t sleep at night.
I run because I’m addicted to it.
I run because I love running.
I run.

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