87 years old

October 5, 2012
By mikaela1107 GOLD, Castle Rock, Colorado
mikaela1107 GOLD, Castle Rock, Colorado
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I lied in my hospital bed

Watching the sun dip below the horizon

My nurse came in

Wiped the drool form the corner of my mouth

Next she would change my diaper. I was 87.
I stared up into the glaring white light

Who knew the end would be so humiliating?

No longer in my prime

The opposite

I was 87.
My eyelids fluttered shut
My blood was pumping
Heart racing
Feet pounding against the pavement
I was free. I was back at my marathon days. I was 87.
I opened one eye
Found the nurse smiling into my personal space
I winced as the rumination floated away
I rolled my eyes
Who knew it would end this way?

The age of 87

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