All theoritical of course

October 5, 2012
Empty, bleak, uninspired
My chest aches
Thoughtless, drifting, denial
My mind churns
Every moment there, then not
Every atom vibrating in a different spot
The theory of being a part
Of something organic or
Of something lost
I cannot decipher amongst
The chemical thoughts I have
Breathing in my mind
Caught in a snare
Brilliance is caustic
In times of ill
All I'm wanting is something
To truly feel
The warmth of people
The slickness of rain
Nothing really touching
It's all in my brain
The itching behind my ears
Crawling up my spine
I'm left barely alive
Like ants marching
Filling up my eyes
The blackness stretches
Fluttering of flies
Numbness thrust
Deep beneath my skin
Out of place, ha
Where do I begin?

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