A Subway

October 5, 2012
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Child’s Play
Singing and music
A party just begun
So many feet
Peeking through the crowd
Sparkling pennies
Scattered at the singer’s feet
A gust of wind fills the tunnel
I giggle
Spinning around to see
A train whizzes by
Mommy pulls me to the tracks
I leap over the gap
Shiny poles all around
I grab hold
And spin round’ and round’
Loving the feeling
My hair in a whirl
I plop down on the ground
And think
“Wow . . . what a world.”

Jaded Mid-life
Abrasive noise and clamor
A nightmare all over again
Too many people
Can’t get where I’m going
Dirty change
Tossed at the homeless man
A gust of wind fills the tunnel
I cringe
Turning to face it
The train arrives
I step forward
Stubbing my toe in the gap
Germ filled rails
I stay away
Brace myself for the lurch
Wanting to get off
My head pounding
I rub my temples
And think
“Wow . . . this is the world.”

Senior Serenity
Sinatra played perfectly
A place full of sights
Very busy people
Watching with wonder
Hard earned coins
Given to the musician
A gust of wind fills the tunnel
I breathe in
Standing from my seat
The train pulls to a halt
I struggle to it
Heave myself over the crack
Steadying handrails
I lean heavily
Resting my aching legs
Soaking in the commotion
My smile showing
I close my eyes
And think
“Wow. . . I’m gonna miss this world.”

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