In the morning

October 5, 2012
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In the morning

In the morning all of this will be gone.
Every bond and relationship we built will be crumbled.
In the morning the tears will come.
We’ll all be puffy eyed and somber.

In the morning hearts will break into pieces.
As you leave for this journey.
In the morning you’ll leave and we’ll be stuck here waiting.
The intensity in your eyes has run ice cold.

In the morning you’ll board that plane.
We’ll be here hoping and praying that you’ll come back.
In the morning I’ll cry and you’ll tell “it’s ok.”
It won’t be until I see you again.

In the morning I’ll put it all on hold.
The hardest thing is watching you walk away.
In the morning I’ll have to go to school.
You won’t be there to protect me.

In the morning you’ll be gone for good.
We got the news today, you’re really gone for good.
In the morning we’ll bury you with all the other soldiers.
I’ll cry day after day for you to come back.

In the morning I’ll look in your room.
You won’t be there.
In the morning you’ll be just a dream.
You were here and now you’re gone for forever.

In the morning I’ll start everything over.
I'll love you until we meet again.
In the morning, doesn’t matter anymore.
Let's just live for tonight

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