Forbidden Fruit

October 4, 2012
By BroMR BRONZE, Dumfries, Virginia
BroMR BRONZE, Dumfries, Virginia
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A simple fruit with the iniquitous task Of making taste buds dance In such an outrageous manner that Could put anyone to shame. The lush color temps the eyes into A sense of curiosity, like the Venus flower, Attracting its prey. Oh, how the smells send a euphoric chill Up the spine, urging the brain to give in To taking one, tiny taste. The first bite turns into two. And then to three. Then to four. Time freezes to let the flavor be savored, And let the tongue taste The inclination, the animosity, The rage, the carnality, The taboo of it all, Then let the juices of their transgressions Slide down the throat and let the body Absorb it all. Be elated, for you are children no more Because now you carry your own heavy burden. You are now on the path of inhibition, A road of no return. For those who have tasted sin, You will-no, shall!-crave for more Until you are full, which you will never be. Until you only know of the raw splendor Of the forbidden fruit.

The author's comments:
This piece was first created as an assignment for my Creative Writing class, based on writing a piece that includes something forbidden. I decided to bound together the entire concept instead of to some individual concept, and I hope this can be relatable to readers as well as still appeal to the imaginative senses.

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