Emotions From Within

October 3, 2012
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Have you ever…
Have you ever noticed a leaf falling from the tree?
Or a dog just taking the sun
Perhaps a homeless person watching
Everyone go by.
Have you ever seen the passion in someone’s eyes?
Maybe a tear someone drops
Or even sat by a gorgeous tree.
What are we suppose to do?
Haven’t you ever thought what we are meant to be?

Bright lies
In a world of lies
Where many are spies
Who can we trust?
When words just get covered by dust
With lies and games
Sometimes we just don’t want to play
Who are you to hurt me?
After I revealed the real me
In a world of lies
There’s nowhere to hide
But always remember
As long as there are stars
There will always be a bright light
That will make you smile each night.


A little girl I see
She is scared as can be
With tears in her eyes
Only God knows why.
There is sadness and pain

But how could I intervene?
When they are full of tears
Why should a girl cry instead of cheer?
But who is there to blame?
For this child knows nothing but fear
And the saddest part is she is always in tears.
Please God I pray that you help her everyday
That whoever did this will pay.
For this poor child I pray.

Although she is older
She has grown colder
With her brown eyes
And her skinny thighs.
She is tall an her hair is long
But she is far too young.
Doesn’t know to trust or love
She is presently a small white dove
And there I sit looking at her coldness
Trying to get courageous to give her boldness.

But everything is useless
For I who am clueless
Of all the pain and tears made.
Today and forever created on that day
Love always, Girl in Pain.
Not heard of
Words never heard of
But always thought of,
Words unspeakable
Those are so predictable
In a forest full of shadows
And people looking out the windows
Thinking of words they could never say
Well words just flow like waves in the bay.

Tears are gone
Frozen for the pain you feel
Nowhere to hide with all this inside
Hurting you was never my plan
But I can’t change that you are now banned
From my heart.
You cannot enter
You are not my center
For all the tears I use to cry for you are gone
So now just please go I’m done
Farewell I wish you best
For I am just one less.

Why so sad part 1
There it is a little girl in a dark lonely room.
There sits her soul broken in two
There go her tears falling with a deep boom.
Looking at her soul crying in that room
There sits the old lady crying in her room
My question is what happened to her youth?
There her spirit goes still crying like a river,
Hope you lay in peace my dear

Part 2
Here I lay in peace no one knew why I cried
But I will tell you why,
No one laid with me there
They always sent me somewhere
Lonely, I laid my whole life away.
Why couldn’t someone love me that way?
Now I’m gone, I’m up here and I see them in tears.
Well it is too late did not appreciate me dears
Goodbye all of you in black suits
I am now leaving with the only one who laid there with me.

Why is love so hard?
Tear you apart
Why couldn’t love be easy?
Instead of making us queasy
Do they always have to cheat?
Couldn’t they just be sweet?
For us who always give them all
And they just kick us like a ball
Then why should we love
For someone who’s always flying away like a dove
Tears in our eyes never fail
Feels like we are trapped in jail
For a crime not deserved
If you would only behave
Love me for who I am
I guess that is just insane
How could you love me?
If you don’t even love yourself
I suppose your heart is in an ice shelf
Where are the pretty words you used to say?
I guess those words were just for that day
Who can I trust with my heart?
I guess I cannot or I will fall apart
In your eyes I fell
But now my heart just feels like hell
Every day and night we argue and shout
And then everything was left in doubt
Whether we love each other or not
I just fell in a blind spot
Where I forgot
Who was the real me inside and out
For I cannot stay longer in this drought
Lies and deceit are just not worth my time
I shall leave, for what you are doing to feels like a crime
For I who was always there and loved you
And you never said I love you
Goodnight and forever I shall say tonight
I will now go on to catch my flight
Love always, Never Appreciated

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