Nice Guys

October 2, 2012
By Manje GOLD, Kennesaw, Georgia
Manje GOLD, Kennesaw, Georgia
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All the nice guys out there,
Who actually value a woman and care,
It’s like the women don’t even stare,
When you could be better off with us,
But when your relationship is going wrong,
With that “bad boy” you go and fuss?
You chose him right?
Now he doesn’t seem so nice?
You wan to make us a rebound?
Those words don’t make a good sound.

In this society, nice guys don’t even get a chance,
Because they think being there for them they can’t,
Well your wrong,
A nice guy's love is all alone, took the rope and got hung,
When you find a good guy you realize what you’re missing,
This mentality is so pissing,
Why can’t any of them know,
That dude your dating, with cuss words, at you, being thrown,
Isn’t meant for you.

I can be you Prince Charming if you want me to be,
But so many of you girls are so blind, you can’t see,
When you’re crying, saying your man isn’t good,
I just keep shaking my head,
Wondering if you knew so soon.

You’ve made the mistake,
Act two of life, third tape,
Now you’re wondering why I won’t be with you?
I don’t want any of your hae,
Cause during prom, you left the nice guy without a date,
And you thought you could glide easily on skates,
Well I don’t care about your sorries,
Cause girls like you, I don’t need your worries,
You didn’t want to go out with a nice guy,
Now you thought you could play me by?
Hahaha, your funny,
Now your day isn’t that sunny,
I would, for you, sigh,
But you didn’t care about the nice guy.

So many girls have made it that chance,
You want a bad boy?
Ha, you say you’re happy but you’re being used as a toy.
I won’t fall for you anymore girl,
Because you think nice guys were never good in this world.

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