Suicide Awareness ( Part of my life)

September 30, 2012
By Anonymous

“Why you wear bracelets.?” Asked most of my friends
I ignore and don’t reply,
But every night
I take them off land look at my hand
And feel that pattern in my skin
Wondering if people even cared but it seems they don’t
Because all they tell me is this
“He will die soon”,” he wont graduate” “he is ugly as f***”
“he has no talent” “he is a pothead” “HE IS A NOBODY”
These voices echo threw my head
Echoing while I use the razor as a paintbrush on my canvass hand
Making art
Making a story into those hand
A hand that no one will ever hold because of how ugly it is painted
Wondering if someone even cared
If someone cared when I grab a rope and play hangman with my self
I had lost every game
I had tried so many times to win but never had the chance too
I never had the chance to rest in peace
This might not seemed nothing big because this is just a part of my life
but I had been neglected most of ALL MY LIFE,
Dealing with people I wish could shut the F*** UP
and not hurt people like me
But this world isn’t perfect
Not having my brother makes me fall and break down
Because I don’t know if he is ok in AGHANISTAN fighting in that war
I wonder if at times my dad even cares
He left me and doesn’t talk to me
One day he will realize every moment he lost with me
I wish he could call more often or even tried to help me but no
Im left in the corner alone like an object
To those people who had called me bunch of names and made me go through a lot
TODAY I THANK YOU because im becoming a strong guy that I never thought I be
To my best friends that I had lost from suicide
Just protect me and watch over me please
Ill finishes my journey and the journey for y’all

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