The Flower

October 3, 2012
The flower
That bloomed this morning
shining it's bright colors to the world
showing it's beauty
then it starts to wilt
The beauty starts to fade it becomes unnoticed
Just another flower
Soon the flower dies it's beauty goes with it
It's a perfect example of life
How for a while it's beautiful and great
Until you start to notice the details
how it's wilting at the edges
How everything is becoming less beautiful
until finally it becomes horrifying
Until finally it ends , the hate ends ,the flower dies
The soul wanders till it's at peace
at peace with itself
But when will that happen?
Where is the peace?
Why is life so awful ?
Well the seed falls and another flower grows become beautiful again for awhile ..
might not be the same flower , same memory
But it's beautiful again that's what matters
Hang on to that beautiful flower
Until it wilts then just let the wind blow it away
Life is beautiful but horrifying ..
The flower blooms once again

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