October 3, 2012
By , Lawton, OK
The want is not too bad
Just no food here and there
checking every calorie i take inside of me
so i won't get big,
I see myself as fat , fat , and fat everywhere
I start eating less and less everyday
My goal always becoming lower
100, 95, 85 until i become none 0
until i finally disappear become the perfect weight
Skinny for once , perfect
I'm such a fat cow
i don't need food to eat
Empty is being strong
Strong is what i need
Being the skinniest is my goal
i don't want fat
I'd rather just be a skeleton with a thin line of skin on top
Then i'd be beautiful
No food
No need
I'll be perfect one day
i just need to work harder and harder
Then i'll get my goal
That's what i need
No food
No need
Skinny is good right ?

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