The Key of Change

October 3, 2012
By RicaChica BRONZE, Boiling Springs, South Carolina
RicaChica BRONZE, Boiling Springs, South Carolina
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Everything happens for a reason.

I stand there outside with a key in my hand
Afraid to take that one chance
I have fear in my heart
And I question myself
On how it’ll turn out
Will life stay the same or completely turn around?

One chance, one decision to make
I close my eyes and start to think
Of the light and the dark
The good and the bad
The sunshine and rain
Trying to figure the answer that lays inside
My heart says one thing
But my mind another
I wonder
If my heart was a stone
How far would I be able to let it sink
To figure what is inside

The minutes and seconds pass by
What will my choice be?
The key is in the lock
I slowly turn it and open the door
The treasure I’ll find is inside

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