October 3, 2012
What is the definition or "perfect"
'cause it seems that everyone knows
I feel out,
and outcast
For not knowing what is perfect
I see from different eyes,
different views as them
I see the shadows
while they see the sunlight
i see the art in shadows
While they complain about the heat
I feel out
Sometimes i wish i saw like them
What they see of me
Sometimes all i see of me is a monster
With black eyes
Hating everything
Including myself...
but not all the time
I see the beauty too
Not perfect though
'cause I'll never be that
anyway as they say
They say rude things
but i just shake it off
"Ugly, emo, w****, cutter, stupid,
I've been told to die
That no one would miss me ..
I've thought about it sometimes
but I'll never will
I love looking in the shadows
and see the art to much
even if I'll never know the meaning of "perfect"

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