Anas' Story

October 3, 2012
Pale skin never no matter the days,
Stays inside in her safety cage,

Screen lights her face up bright,
She wastes away into the night,

Talking to strangers that understand,
Its fine to stop, you know you can,

Her limbs are thin but never enough,
Her mind is chained in handcuffs,

Never eat, less is more,
Two missed meals turn into four,

Body weakened, always scared,
Nobody asks, nobody cares,

She slowly shrinks, she is kept in check,
From toothpick legs to a skinny neck,

Her body is not hers to control,
Weight has taken over her soul,

Hurting herself, feeling ashamed,
For she has no one else to blame,

Locked up in her room at night,
She finally smiles and gives up the fight,

Five feet under, peace at last,
Leaving everyone mourning the past,

Nobody cared until she was gone,
And over time they will all move on,

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