Diesel Induced Madness

October 3, 2012
By ZaneA BRONZE, Saskatoon, Other
ZaneA BRONZE, Saskatoon, Other
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Today I wore a hardhat all afternoon
I stood in the dirt and thought about soon
the sun would fall, and rise the moon
I stood in the dirt and whistled a tune
it could have echoed through Saskatoon

Today I climbed on creatures of steel
the skin of which had started to peel
all the chipped paint had begun to reveal
their hungering stomachs craving a meal
I sat in the seat with my hands on the wheel
yes, the creatures and I had worked out a deal
I would lure my mates like fish on a reel
if the creatures could help me remember to feel

They smoked like cigarettes devouring their kill
the creatures and I (once they'd had their fill)
departed the dirt, and ascended a hill
weak were my legs and weak was my will
gone were my hopes and gone was the thrill
of having emotions without having a pill
the creatures they sang in their uncanny trill:

"the souls of your mates did fill our plates
and their salty tears will last us for years
you did us a deed, which we will heed
and give you all of the feelings you'll need"

I jumped for joy into the air where a bolt of lightening caught me there
it went right through my bones and back out through my hair
my hands were trembling and my chest was bare
my skin was charred but once was fair
to my surprise (and ulterior demise)
I could not for a second begin to care
and this electrified feeling I began to share

The author's comments:
This poem is about transitional stages in my life. I found that the transition was made easier by filling my time with something educational and constructive.

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