October 3, 2012
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I'm confused on things I know,
and things I don't.
Or maybe i'm confused on why.
why i want to know, why i want to explore
the undiscovered, when i know that
danger could be around the corner.
not the physical corner, o how i could
write poetry on something other than a metaphor,
what a mistake that would be!
the bend in my mind?
lo, the corner of my thoughts.
the change in my actions.
back to the primitive thought, i find myself;
why shall i be the one to change my actions?
why do i want to be first?
ah, but i wasn't first.
i was rare, but not first.

why is it that i find myself a peninsula,
floating in social conformity in all but one side,
and my good-fellow as my attachment to humanity?
or that the waves seem to be pulling on me from every side,
yet the strongest minority holds me firm?

'tis not a minority, as previously named.
maybe numbered, but not powered.
The Only Power, is this piece of land.
This Piece, that is holding me from drowning,
is the Majority. a substance not even comparable,
though some think they are stronger than it.

are not the mountains higher than the water?
can God not dry up the ocean?

so why does the flood cause troubles
to the land dwellers? why do people
dip into the ocean for the enjoyment of swimming?

do they not know that sharks are near?
or that the undertow is present and leering?

the farther away, the greater the risk, as i am led to believe.

..there are many in the ocean.

I'm confused on things I know,
and things I don't.
Do not these things go hand-in-hand?
I go on wondering why there are numbers in the ocean,
when the land is much safer.
why there is even a small amount in the unsteady waters,
when the land is much surer.
why, when you're drowning, it is every man for them self,
but on the land, you cannot drown.

some may venture out into the water, keeping
a steady rope tied to the land.
for some, they are lucky, and can pull their ship
back to home. but for the unlucky ones who encounter
the storm, their rope snaps, and they are forever lost at sea.

but what about lifeguards? is no one who is safe at home on land
willing to risk getting the lost?
there are lifeguards. those comfortable enough on land,
that may go out to sea, with the sole purpose of returning the lost.
the land readily welcomes home the rescuer, and the previously lost.

I'm not the first to camp on the land, or to
dip in the water.
every one on the land has dipped in the water;
except the land itself.
For that is impossible.
we all know that.
how can pure land, be even part water?

This is why we seek the land.
It is pure.
It is welcoming.
It is always there.
It is always steady, unwavering.
It is never anything that it says it isn't.

Maybe i'm confused why, why i want to explore
the undiscovered, when I know that
danger could be around the corner.

Maybe, we are all lost and confused.

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loisrieberifacadets said...
Oct. 12, 2012 at 9:10 am
You are such a talented and beautiful young lady!  Always follow your dreams!
TCarr said...
Oct. 12, 2012 at 8:37 am
It is well written and tells an interesting story. 
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