Daddy, why do you hate me?

October 3, 2012
By Anonymous

Daddy, why do you hate me?
What did I ever do to you?
All I did since the day i was born was love you.
I loved you with all my heart.
And even though you don't love me.
I still love you.
I know you hurt me.
But I also know it is my fault.
I know I deserve it.
I don't know what I did.
Maybe I am just a burden to exist.
Maybe it would be better if I were not here.
You used to tell me that you loved me.
But then mommy died and you told me you hated me,
Why am i the victim to your belt?
Why am i the target to your anger?
Don't worry daddy, I am not mad.
And I would never tell.
And even though, you don't love me.
I still love you becuase I know that deep down,
you still love me too.

The author's comments:
A child asking her daddy why he abuses her.

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