raining sunbeams

October 3, 2012
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If the Sun were to break into splinters of fire
and dance down to earth to the tune of a lyre,

though I'd be in darkness till end of all times,
I'd smile and remember the light.

If the Sun were to burst and fall, lost, to the the ground
and fill us with warmth just before its light drowned

though the cold would remove the world's reason and rhyme
I'd hold onto the heat through the night.

If the Sun would away and the plants would all die,
I'd take a few flowers and press them to dry,

and surely their beauty, their color, their grace
Would bring me a smile at night.

and if Sun would return in its glorious blaze,
I'd cover my eyes and dance round in a daze

The most brilliant of smiles would light up my face
So bright as to rival Sun's light

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malya said...
Oct. 19, 2012 at 2:59 pm
i was very nervous about posting this poem, as i felt it was a little... off. i posted it, though, because my friends told me it made them think. made them appreciate the sun more. appreciate nature. thats what i want. if you read this please comment, even if its just to say that you didnt like it. i just want to know what people think. thanks! -MALYA
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