The Work of it All

October 3, 2012
By scrambledtofuyo BRONZE, Oil City, Pennsylvania
scrambledtofuyo BRONZE, Oil City, Pennsylvania
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Pure Confusion is best sensed through a bustling day.

True and gripping nail-biting is best known in a

swirling, shaking 23-hour period.

1 hour of rest


I can feel you both sweating now and tingling.

but I am far behind glass and tucked away.

I cannot stop it.


My fear is evident and is

best sensed and known through a cue.

I sit (balanced) on an edge of you both

waiting and listening and watching and interpreting

(that is the most esteemed part, the interpreting).

I am the interpreter.

And I understand too.

The painful, seething intentions of you.

I know.

But I can never stop it.

I try to be reactionary but

you are too powerful.


Just do it.

The author's comments:
something I wrote while I was at work and was worrying.

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