When you're in love

October 3, 2012
when you're in love, all you want to be is with that one guy. you'll spend all your time trying to be with him, trying to look good for him, even sit in the painful way just to get a better look at him. when you smile so stupidly at every rare touch and smile he gives you. maybe its the way how when every time someone says his name, you turn and look around like they called you instead.... when all you want is someone to love you and hold you. finally feel the warmth of someone you love so much. the weirdest thing is i love this guy so much and we aren't even together. I'll be staring at his lips or looking into his eyes more than what is necessary. trying to be someone I'm not for fear that he won't love me for the way i am. but that's how i feel about this one guy. i love him so much. this crush is crushing me back

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