weird feelings

October 3, 2012
Why are you so mean to me?
You tease my senses
giving me an almost something but holding back.
I see you in the plains of the sahara desert,
otherwise known as our hallways.
We wave, we say hi, we chat, were friends.
the thing is that You just dont understand do you?
Are you blind or something?
my hints arent very subtle so maybe you notice it but maybe you dont.
whatever it is your driving me crazy and to be honest....
the day a river appeared from your face I actually felt your pain.

It's not love, I know it isnt.
But if it isnt then whats happening with me?
After every touch I get from you,
I'm bewitched.
Soon after my logical reasoning kicks my emotional side in the a**
and tells me not
to confuse one feeling with another.
a battle begins inside of my head
and sometimes logic wins
but sometimes emotions and imagination win over my small heart.
In the end I finish where I started out.

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