The Horrors of October

October 3, 2012
By VictoriaM BRONZE, Double Oak, Texas
VictoriaM BRONZE, Double Oak, Texas
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The Horrors of October
If only you knew
the horrors of October
the man
with greasy hair
and thick rimmed glasses
slinks around the corner
waiting for the perfect moment

The children
dressed as ghosts and goblins
as vampires with capes
giggle and laugh
run door to door
hauling their candy-stuffed bags
blissfully unaware
of the terror about to strike

One little girl
with bright eyes
and a shining smile
dressed as a pop star
with a blonde wig to match
starts to lag behind
Here was the moment
the time that he strikes
easily he jumps
and grabs the girl
Shrieking and crying
she struggles with all her might
to no avail
The next morning comes
and the neighbors gather
as they look at the girl
still dressed as a pop star
with a blonde wig to match
laying dead on the ground

The mother screams and cries
As the father holds her tight
Tears streaming down his face
Wondering who could do this

The man with the greasy hair
And thick rimmed glasses
Slinks around the corner
A sadistic smile on his face
Excited for next Halloween
To recreate
The horrors of October.

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