October 3, 2012
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Reality- I was told to look deeper. I guess my perspective of life is as normal as can be. Well normal in the sense of what today's society make it out to be. Maybe i'm searching in the wrong place. i should change my perspective, maybe if i look for things that aren't there, or beyond what is reality i might be able to see differently e i'm trying to hard to be different from the rest of the world. But i am different than most people in my society. I view the world the same but still i try to see it in another way. I'm open to all possibilities in this life and maybe the next one. I believe in the immortal, i believe there is an after life, not really maybe its the same time as our own, just a different place. a mystical world where we as humans are foreign to these people. Well maybe in order to see differently we have to believe that there is another world like our own but still different, maybe the same.... Hmm maybe.....

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