October 2, 2012
By BrokenTeen SILVER, Perth, Other
BrokenTeen SILVER, Perth, Other
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You can't change me. Society is nothing but others saying what is right. I'll decide for myself.

Throw me to the ice. Let my blood run cold. Wait till I freeze then shatter my soul.
You tried it a few times. You let yourself fail. This time it’s right, you've ended it now. Nothing more to do except walk away from me. Like there was nothing here. Like everything that happened didn't exist.

One day you’ll fall. One day you’ll cry and remember everything I once meant to you.
Throw it away again and hope to keep the memories lost. Well good luck to you because I can’t shut the memories out. I can’t lose this feeling.

Watch me crash and burn, No? Because to do so would make this all too real to you.
Those who care are so far from me, No one to help; I’ll get through this on my own. I’ll hurt, I’ll cry, I’ll scream inside till the day I die. Because the damage you've done is cut deep into my skin. There’s not a real person left here any more. I'm gone. The person I was is dead now. But the pain you've inflicted will forever last in this shell until it dissipates with my ageing dead body. This can’t be real I say… But I know it’s true.

That’s why you've thrown me to the ice, watched my blood go cold with my skin turning blue. I'm frozen now you pull me free and shatter my soul before it can warm me again. Let me rot, let me die you've done this yourself I can’t see a “fix it” this time.

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