First Love

October 2, 2012
You told me the first day you met me what we had was so real.

That the feelings you had seemed so unreal.

Exactly eight months later you grabbed my hand.

Do you remember? Please tell me you do.

You told me that this was not just lust or puppy love.

In fact, you told me that what we had was truly love.

Our first year we spent every day that we had together.

Out of nowhere things started to change.

I got a call that you were with a girl that nobody had seen before.

I dropped my phone then I fell to the floor.

I felt so alone.

What did she have that I had not already given you?

Days later you told me to my face, while I sat there crying, you wanted things to end.

The girl that cause me to cry about, you are now with.

Two years later, I still sit here and wonder why.

Was what we had a truth?
Or just another lie?

Let my last words ever be to you that, I hope you are happy.

To this day I am happier without you.

I might be alone, but it is better than being with you.

I shall never shed another tear, for any guy like you.

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