Your Consideration

October 1, 2012
By WOWthere PLATINUM, Dublin, Ohio
WOWthere PLATINUM, Dublin, Ohio
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I could be a man
If I wanted to
And therefore
So could you
But apparently
That would be wrong too

I could say
I love you
But that
Would be frowned upon too
Just because I'm a woman
And so are you

What if you
Stayed the same
And I was the one
Who had to change
Then could we not
Be considered deranged

It doesn't work that way
We have to fit
So we don't sway
The way people think
Take their normal away

But wait a minute
Or for that matter
Wait two
What's this pattern
We don't seem
To fit into

I thought
We were all free
To be who we are
And what we want to be
Weren't we all born with the right
To see who we want to see

No one can dictate
Who I fall for
You cant tell me
Who I will live for
No one should have to
Put up with this anymore

So take this into
Your consideration
The next time you decide
To make a decision
That has any regard
To marriage revision

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