Knocking on Death's Door

September 25, 2012
By Anonymous

Just a few words I can't find
to clear the smoke filling my mind
Just a few friends I did without
Kept all these thoughts from leaving my mouth
Just a day of wasted seconds
When you're mistakes teach you instead of lessons
Just blood dripping to the floor, spelling out 'love'
After a few suicide attempts swept under the rug
Just the love I have for the pain against me
Being the only thing to set me free
Just every cigarette left alone
when no longer any phone calls reach my phone
Just a few things missing, like Mom and Dad
But everyone whispers 'it's not so bad'
Because it's just a few knuckles broken and bruised
When you're standing alone with nothing left to lose
Just another scar across her face
Of the memories that chained her to this place
Just another cry for help misunderstood
And all it helps me figure out is that I should
Just let myself drift slowly by
Nowhere to call home, no tears left to cry
Just give it up is all they tell me
And I thought one day they'd all open their eyes and see
That just one hand could have helped me up
And just one friend would have been enough
Just one less accident, one less regret
If just one less person had gotten upset
Just one less shove and one more push
I'm losing hope while you all lose interest
Just one less pill could take this back
Just one last good decision that I lack
And now I'm crawling across the floor to shake hands with death
Just look up one last time, one last breath.

The author's comments:
This is the darkest thing I've written, but it's message knows no bounds.

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