October 1, 2012
By , Fort Worth, TX
Death is a fleeting shadow that scavenges for an object to please its hungry desire.

Death can be heard as it steps through war. BOOM! BOOM! People scurry away from it but end up plummeting towards the cold earth.

Death can be seen in the scorching savannas where a carcass was left to die. Flies hover above it and its bone is blazing hot.

Death can be tasted through a vile poison gorging down a throat. The stinging sensation that turns the body into a racket of seizures. Its stale taste burns into the memory as the last breath is taken.

Death can be felt in the hand of a child who just lost his best friend, his goldfish. As he lets the dead body slip through his hand into the toilet, the child feels the scales scratch his skin.

Death can be seen in the eyes of a grandfather who experienced the joy of living. The young glint he used to have in his eyes now has turned into an old sagacious sparkle.

Death is more than sense; it’s a tragedy that often causes others to mourn, but death can also fill people with a newer sense: the will to live.

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