Love is Life

October 1, 2012
By KuDaddy13 BRONZE, Mayfield., Ohio
KuDaddy13 BRONZE, Mayfield., Ohio
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Love is essential, mental
Complicated but sometimes it’s simple
Love will give me the strength to win any battle
Love will make me travel all over to Seattle until I have you
Add you plus me which makes us
A family together that makes 3
Real love can’t be broken
It accepts anybody with 2 arms open
Love is like beautiful dove flying above
Romantic rose pedals layer out in the bath tub
It never fails when love is involved the truth weighs the lies out
Trying new things so the love doesn’t die out
Someone who cares unconditional love intimate, physical
I love you very much love is trust but without that the love is crushed
Hushed, threes another broken relation
Love is strong and will overcome temptation
Love is persuasion love keeps your heart racing
Until you hit the finish
Love can have you winded like sprinting or like you swimming
And fake love can have you chasin’ a lot of women
Like the love of basketball some have the love for tennis
Me I got the love for track and got the heart of a engine
Some got the love of money so they love is what they spending
Some say they love you but their love is just pretending
Real love is real as you and me
Your just blinded by love open your eyes so you can see

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Love is Life

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