My Dark Corner- My favorite time.

October 1, 2012
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The Dark-
An endless, solid shade.
My friend-
My Fear-
My Sanity-
My Insanity-
… Silence-
Louder than any speaker can reach-

The Dark-
Alone and happy, sad and dead, yet alive.
All at the time-
The time the sun retreats.
This gives one time alone.

Time to sleep,
Time to think and dream?
Time to party,
Time to live and breathe?

Time to soak in love…
And lather in hate.

One color, one shade-
Forever fighting the light,
Forever shifting.

Only better when accented by the fire,
The light,
The smoke,
Maybe the candle?
Maybe my heart?
Maybe a cone filled with my own dead… yet so relaxing.

Others may be sleeping, as I lay awake-
Thinking, Loving, Hating…
Happily depressed, yet so content.

The world halts for me-
As the dark engulfs me.
‘Tis only to be held off by a flickering orange light,

Then- a sky blue orb. An image…? My phone-
It holds a message?
No matter the outlet- I know-
It will be my pain, to the most unimaginable length.

A note?
The one I love? Or the one I hate?
The Dark-

Intensifying it all-

More feelings to flow-
Flow all due to the dark.

My time-
My favorite time,
My rollercoaster…
The only I love so much.

My brains exercise,
And eventually my time-
To dream.

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