September 30, 2012
By Tarzanjanee BRONZE, Manassas, Virginia
Tarzanjanee BRONZE, Manassas, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
If you're not laughing, You're not living

Laughter reverberates off the cream walls
Pictures are strewn across the floor as the years past are recollected
Stanzas of Clair de Lune fill gaps in conversation
The tags of the hound clink as it she chases her toy
Our lazy Sunday is spent strewn across the couch
Munching on sweets and catching up on programs
The table is piled with dishes that have seen better days,
And feet decorated with freshly painted designs

Quietness envelops the house
Memories fade into the woodwork
The piano sits poised to be played
To have sweet melodies fill the silence
The dog sits patiently by the window
Watching, waiting for this emptiness to be filled
The couch beacons to be plopped on
Its impressions left waiting to be filled once more
The coffee table stands by, hoping for a cup to be placed upon its glass
Or a pair of weary feet
But nothing comes, only silence.

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