The Darkness

September 30, 2012
The darkness slowly creeps closer and closer
Inky hands twist around my ankles
And tendrils climb up my legs as ropes slither over my arms
It burns as it goes
Whispers croon through the air, urging me to give in
Telling me that I’m worthless
That life isn’t worth living
Preying on the weakest spots that I so carefully hide from the outside world

When the call of darkness blocks out the light
I look for the sun, peaking over the hills
I listen for the chirp of birds, reveling in the new day
I breather the crisp air, so full of unfinished dreams and the hopes of the future
And I turn my back on the darkness
Peel its reaching grasp from my body
Let its whispers fade into the past
I’m glad I have another day

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