You're Just Jealous

September 20, 2012
By Sorajima BRONZE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Sorajima BRONZE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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How do you know that God hates me?
You don’t.
You think you can shout,
And raise your voice,
To intimidate,
But you have no idea of,
The boundaries of my love.

I work every day with my girlfriend in mind,
Worrying if she’ll be okay,
And if she’ll lose her ability to walk,
Because it scares the living hell out of me,
When she falls over in pain,
In the rain,
And she forces a laugh,
Even though she’s crying inside,
And when I aid her,
The rainbow that’s created,
From her shining eyes,
Is panoramic
Like the sunset

I have a job,
And I work hard in school,
And am musically talented,
But where do those talents go
When there’s no one to love,
And nowhere to go?

More importantly,
Why is it insisted that I chose this?
Why would I ever choose
To be hated,
Battered until my heart bleeds?
When it bleeds there is only love, a rainbow of color.
A promise, that’s the symbol, correct?
A promise to love truthfully.

My gender is a mystery,
This great whirlpool of blue and green,
The colors of life,
And yet I cannot take her as my wife?
Is it because I’m a fake?
Is it because I’m physically female?
Is it because I cannot reproduce?
Because apparently it’s ok for heterosexual couples,
That are infertile,
To marry, but not us?
You fail to realize that we may house
A different spirit,
Or even more importantly, both.
The logical answer, you say, is that there is an absence of a male character.
Lemme tell you this, mister-
I march in a band.
I have friendly competitions with boys.
I wrestle.
I’ve always wanted to play football.
And I get very, VERY aggressive.
These are not traits of my body,
They must be of the soul then.
But these are boy traits.
The answer is simple- I may very well be a boy inside.

Well, if you’re still rejecting, listen to this-
There are scientific studies that prove it’s inborn,
Not from a lack of hetero sex or porn,
And yet you won’t listen to science.
You’ve gone along with you scriptures,
No matter your creed,
And you refused to read concrete evidence
Because it’ll only prove how weak you are,
But lemme tell you-
It takes a stronger man to open something
Than to close it,
The mind is no exception,
Because science modifies to fit everything,
Religion narrows its views to stay alive.
Galileo was amazing as a scientist though,
And we listened to him! You say,

…yeah, after he was DEAD…

You’re worried that your God is going to look false,
After all the gays he’s had you smite,
But I have no spite,
Not against God.
I’ve seen the light!
When you are married, it’s supposed to be,
Between a male and female, supposedly,
When your body is left in the ground,
And you go to heaven,
And the Earth resounds…

What gender will you be then? The same as always?

Male and female,
They are physical,
Disgusting, like Satan,
As they are not heavenly like God,
Then why do you raise such a physical thing to
A holy state?
It’s idolatry to worship the created, correct?
If God created sex and heterosexual sex,
It’s a sin to elevate it beyond other forms…

So tell me again why it’s so evil,
For two women to marry?
Is it unnatural?
Is it sinful?
Or are you a pervert, who’s jealous because I can attract both genders?

The author's comments:
I don't know. I'm suck of the political bull that is going on and I just want to be able to love. I luckily live in Iowa, so I can marry, but this piece is a generalization for others who cannot.

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on Dec. 3 2012 at 5:58 pm
Aramis_999 PLATINUM, Matthews, North Carolina
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Be strong, believe in freedom and in God, love yourself, understand your sexuality, have a sense of humor, don’t judge people by their religion, color or sexual habits, love life and your family. -Madonna

This was amazing. Good job :)

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