Hints of Recommiting

September 18, 2012
A kid that use to sit in my class is gone
Everyone knew what was going on
he use to hint
while we would squint
No one knew what we were handed upon

Some people twirled their hands on the strings
Some people did not do or think a thing
We watched a crime
We never stopped the time
All were mesmerized by the his swing

We learned he had debts to be paid
Everyone in school he saw betrayed
He had lots of words
Never had he had birds
Above all he was terribly afraid

This person may be reading this or not
But it could be you, if not taught
Fight or already fought, do not let it hurt a soft spot
Before you know it, it could be a knot

What is important is no one knew
No one had come through
People tried to believe it was a taboo
You should know our school grew

This is dedicated to that chair
In the corner, that we all swear
He is still breathing there
But that kid that use to sit in my class
is gone

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