The Day Summer Died

October 2, 2012
By hgw66 BRONZE, Madisonville, Tennessee
hgw66 BRONZE, Madisonville, Tennessee
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Oh, summer, how I miss you so
I loved swimming in your heat
And watching the fireflies glow
And being out of school was a real treat

You gave me so much joy
When I danced in your showers
And ran through blooming fields of soy
And watched the corn grow into lush green towers

But on one fateful day
In the dreadful month of September
All the joys of summer were swept away
And reality turned into days I will always remember

Why did you leave me and let autumn take your place?
Now it’s off to deal with this dreadful cold spell
And when winter finally wins the race
Oh, how summer’s creatures will wail.

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