Partially Sunny Madness

October 2, 2012
By VianiIdalysxo SILVER, Atlantic City, New Jersey
VianiIdalysxo SILVER, Atlantic City, New Jersey
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"The things you do when no one is looking is what defines you."
"Without bitter, sweet isn't so sweet after all."

When you read this I want you to know its about you I want you to know I wrote this I want you to hear the little voice inside my head as you read it, when I
think of your name it happens fast a nuclear neurotic explosion within my abdomen exposing the flames and chunks of each letter up my esophagus but never exits my lips it coil up in my brain and hides it takes over each area one by one as if it were parasites these little conceited deceitful concepts of emotions, your lust took over my love and even though my love seemed strong and
meaningful your lust was compelling and unbelievable you even made me believe and even when I've learned that the lust you wanted to win was only for my
curved body wasn't there for my heart but isn't that what lust is just love as in making it not feeling it though you still made me wonder why, and if and
wondering what if and why hurts more than knowing, wondering and knowing so I wondered and as soon I found out you never loved me & that: I have love for you
and you care but I'm not in love with you.. just bulls*** you don't believe in the concept of loving and having love or even caring for me this I knew .. but still you made me believe that maybe one day you'll realize hey she's been
through it with me should I turn in my lust for her love but no you hid it & let it dust, I got tired of it, of the rust of my soul and the mold on my heart my love put on the shelf token off whenever you were ready and thrown out when it got old, and now I hate you despise the fact that that word is overrated and a little under used but I hate a strong word I hate you from within my mind exposed through my mouth something that was feeding on my soul digging its way out of my finger tips as I write and as you say all of this in you're mind but please remember when you skim over this text of solid black letters, I quite frankly, absolutely, strongly hate you.

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