One's-Self, En-Masse: A Kingdom

September 30, 2012
One strand in a million hairs
One righting in a million wrongings
One worry in a million cares
One ache in too many longings

Where do i fit, when there's so many wholes?
Can I even belong, or am I just a piece?
Must I belong to my worries and woes?
Or be led by my passions and heart, maybe peace?

A Queen has many roles, yet none;
Many place, yet no homes.
All can see her sun
But by the moon alone she roams.

Therefore, I have not a consistent position
Between two worlds my life floats.
A leader understands her mission:
To be separate but united, much denotes.

I am a part of my kingdom, my people
But I am apart, a church and its steeple.

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