September 28, 2012
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It is the beginning,
It is the middle,
It is the end.

It is for betterment,
It is for victory,
It is for benefit.

The foundation of success,
The pillars for education;
The roof for Knowledge.
You may change for the better,
Or Maybe for the worse,
But there is always a path to satisfaction
And that is change.

What is change?
It is for the young,
It is for the old,
It is for the strong;
It is for the world.

It causes sorrow,
Misery and melancholy;
But no reward is obtained without effort.
The effort to improve,
The effort to learn;
That is change.

Change will never cease,
It is to grow, nurture – begin;
The start of great things.

Adventure is change,
Freedom and Tranquility is change,
Infinity and beyond is change.

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